Casa 12 / House 12 (2007)

“My bedroom window opens onto a roof. That’s where I run to eat chocolate in secret, cry, write letters to God, keep rolly-pollies in a shoebox full of soil. I also like to stay there thinking that when the Moon comes to Brazil, the Sun goes to Japan.”

This book is a diary of a little girl who observes and reports with grace the world around her at the end of the 1950s in São Paulo (Brazil). Casa 12, where Leticia was actually born, is the center of her universe and the stage for the emotions, discoveries and first sorrows of a child who, from an early age, loved to write and used to sell poems to her neighbors and family.

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Poemas de Candeia / Lantern Poems (1978)

“Candles can be lit, why not,
if we have them in our hands
and want to light them.”

This first publication is the reverence of a novice writer to her master, Poetry. Groping for words with energy and diving into metaphors, the search for the word is a great adventure, without cardinal points, which is lost and found on every page.

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Espelho Eu / Mirror Me (2001)

“No, I won’t lose any more
these details of myself”.

Pursuing the essence of ideas, this second poetry anthology is close, in certain verses, to Japanese haikus, but in a freer way; the musicality of the words gives meaning even to blank spaces. Visceral and hermetic at the same time, Espelho Eu reflects contemplation and sensuality, dressing and undressing the poet in a language without limits.

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