Poetic Collage

The album sounds intense, drifting, at times mesmerizing and slow, at other times, dry and clear, between half-dream and half-reality, between asphalt and cosmos, between calm and restlessness. The straight lines bend most unexpectedly, the melodic volumes are dissolved and transformed, moving in a free and provocative geometry. Celestial imagination is recurrent in the lyrics, with its angels, constellations, flights, winds, New Yorker skies, broken wings.

Musical Production | Raul Misturada
Arrangements | Raul Misturada
Executive Producer | Leticia Maura
Vocal Direction | Dandara
Visual Concept | Patricia Black
Graphic Design | Patricia Black, Fernanda Pompermeyer 
Photo | Patricia Black/ Leticia Maura
Photo Assistant | Bruno Claro
Album recorded in Zurich, Lisbon, Galicia and São Paulo in 2018
Sound Engineer | Leandro Henrique
Mixing and Mastering | Renato Pimentel