Try me

“All I want is to be alone, me and my headphones, and walk under Venus…”

The album Try Me can be defined as an imaginary experience between immersive electronic sounds. From the dancefloor on a blue runway to night surfing on a silver beach, with a dreamlike stop at Mount Fuji, the album was constructed like a movie in which the scenes are suggested by the lyrics: seduction, urban contemplation, Mount Fuji, unease, the intense daily life of women-mothers, forbidden love. Astronomy has a big influence on songs, there are lots of stars, planets and skies…

Floating on the indie pop-poetic planet, Leticia Maura signs the compositions for Try Me and seals a powerful generational encounter with young producer Vivian Kuscynski, creator of all the arrangements, marked by a slight vintage perfume.

All musics written & composed by Leticia Maura except PINK HAIR written by Leticia Maura and composed by Leticia Maura & Vivian Kuczynski.
All tracks mixed, produced & arrangements by Vivian Kuczynski
Executive Producer | Leticia Maura
Special Guest Track “Mount Fuji” | Alejandro Barrios (Koto Master)
Special Guest Track “Winter Surfer” | Vitor Zafer (Violins, Viola, Cello)
Vocal Direction Track “Try Me” | Wagner Barbosa
Communication Manager | Lívia Aguiar
Visual Concept, Photos & Graphic Design | Fernanda Pompermayer
Photo Assistant | Tinho Sousa
Dress Designer | Fernanda Yamamoto
Make-up | Victoria Dilallo